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Mary Hare History - School Tour

Part 5 Art & Design Block
& Arlington Arts Centre

These photos taken by webmaster during tour of school at 60th Anniversary Reunion, 01 July 2006.

Click on thumbnail for big photos.

Art & Design Block thumbnail Art & Design Block 161 Kb
Also known as the Stable Block.
And Clock Tower.

Art & Design Block thumbnail Art & Design Block 203 Kb
Wider View.
Photo: Neil Alderman

Entrance to Studios thumbnail Entrance to Studios 197 Kb
The Princess Margaret Art & Design Centre.
Opened 1999.

Outdoor Sculpture thumbnail Outdoor Sculpture 231 Kb
To left of Entrance to Art Block.
Looks like a face!

Anti-War Sculpture thumbnail Anti-War Sculpture 177 Kb
"Trapped in a cycle of conflict"
Part of sculpture extend indoors to the right.

Pottery Studio thumbnail Pottery Studio 206 Kb
Photo: Neil Alderman

Textiles Studio thumbnail Textiles Studio 123 Kb

School Bus thumbnail School Bus 245 Kb
One of several.

Bicycle Shed thumbnail Bicycle Shed 178 Kb
Behind Blount Hall.

Arlington Arts Centre thumbnail Arlington Arts Centre 123 Kb
Opened 2006.
This view taken about 10.00 am
Photo: Elaine Lavery

Arlington Arts Centre thumbnail Arlington Arts Centre 256 Kb
This view taken at 10.30 am

Arlington Arts Centre thumbnail Arlington Arts Centre 344 Kb
This view taken at 5.00 pm.
Sixth Form Campus in the background.

Reception Desk thumbnail Reception Desk 107 Kb
Just inside entrance.

Elaine Lavery nee Bodker thumbnail Elaine Lavery nee Bodker 120 Kb
At the British Deaf History Society stall.
To the left is lift for people with disabilities.

Theatre Seats thumbnail Theatre Seats 66 Kb

Stage with Screen 1 thumbnail Stage with Screen 1 85 Kb

Stage with Screen 2 thumbnail Stage with Screen 2 85 Kb

Mr. Shaw thumbnail Mr. Shaw 47 Kb
Principal of Mary Hare Schools
Giving a welcome speech.
Photo: Neil Alderman

Anniversary Cake being cut thumbnail Anniversary Cake being cut 35 Kb

1946-2006 Anniversary Cake thumbnail 1946-2006 Anniversary Cake 65 Kb
Photo: Elaine Lavery

Fox and Hound thumbnail Fox and Hound 208 Kb
Local Pub!

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