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Mary Hare History - School Tour

Part 3 Mansell House
& Wroughton Sixth Form Campus

These photos taken by webmaster during tour of school at 60th Anniversary Reunion, 01 July 2006.

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Mansell House thumbnail Mansell House 144 Kb
Opened 1962.
View of South Wing.

Mansell House thumbnail Mansell House 301 Kb
Main entrance.
Accomodation for boys of years 9, 10, and 11.

Senior Common Room thumbnail Senior Common Room 26 Kb
Originally one end of large common room.

Junior Common Room thumbnail Junior Common Room 27 Kb
Originally the Mansell House library.

Fitness Room thumbnail Fitness Room 122 Kb
Originally the kitchen.

Mansell House Notice Board thumbnail Mansell House Notice Board 48 Kb
School rules as always.

Stairs thumbnail Stairs 27 Kb
Part of a stairwell, which runs vertically
From basement to second floor.

Dormitory thumbnail Dormitory 53 Kb
Used to be 6 beds to a dorm.

Bathroom thumbnail Bathroom 49 Kb
Ensuite to dormitory.

Carnarvon Hall thumbnail Carnarvon Hall 163 Kb
Hall for Sixth Form Campus.

Labyrinth thumbnail Labyrinth 204 Kb
In Centre of Sixth Form Campus.

Sixth Form Buildings thumbnail Sixth Form Buildings 229 Kb
Photo: Neil Alderman

Sixth Form Common Room thumbnail Sixth Form Common Room 60 Kb

Study-Bedroom thumbnail Study-Bedroom 37 Kb
University style accomodation.

Bathroom thumbnail Bathroom 30 Kb
En suite.

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