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Mary Hare History - School Tour

Part 2 Classroom Block

These photos taken by webmaster during tour of school at 60th Anniversary Reunion, 01 July 2006.

Click on thumbnail for big photos.

Stone Summer House thumbnail Stone Summer House 180 Kb
Near classroom block.
Now converted to an office.

Dulverton Hall and Classrooms thumbnail Dulverton Hall and Classrooms 129 Kb
Opened 1957.

Classroom Block West viewmain entrance thumbnail Classroom Block West Side 247 Kb
Notice the Audiology Tower.
Photo: Neil Alderman

Classroom Block main entrance thumbnail Main Entrance to Classroom Block 240 Kb
First floor used to be school library.
Notice stone badge above door.

Dulverton Hall thumbnail Dulverton Hall 94 Kb
Door to Hall.
Photo: Neil Alderman

Dulverton Hall thumbnail Dulverton Hall 138 Kb
View of stage.

School Badge thumbnail School Badge 37 Kb
On gallery of Dulverton Hall.
Photo: Neil Alderman

Upper Floor Corridor thumbnail Upper Floor Corridor 98 Kb

Classroom Block Stairwell thumbnail Classroom Block Stairwell 98 Kb

Upper Floor Corridor thumbnail Another Upper Floor Corridor 92 Kb
Photo: Neil Alderman

School Trophies thumbnail School Trophies 109 Kb

Domestic Science Room thumbnail Domestic Science Room 120 Kb
Still teaching pupils how to cook!

Keep Cool Anger Management Posters thumbnail Keep Cool Posters 117 Kb
No need to lose our temper!

Information Technology lab thumbnail Information Technology lab 126 Kb
In the old geography room.

Quadrangle thumbnail Quadrangle 313 Kb
In centre of classrooms
To left is the gymnasium.

Gymnasium thumbnail Gymnasium 135 Kb

Gymnasium thumbnail Gymnasium 109 Kb
Another view of the school gym
Kreb Dragonrider (wearing baseball cap) in foreground.
Photo: Neil Alderman

Lower Floor Corridor thumbnail Lower Floor Corridor 83 Kb
Quadrangle is to the right
Main entrance ahead.

Classroom thumbnail Classroom 49 Kb
Facing whiteboard.

Classroom thumbnail Classroom 45 Kb
Facing posters at back.

Whitfield School Library thumbnail Whitfield School Library 137 Kb
Opened 1984.
To the right is librarian, Miss A. Leach.

Swimming Pool thumbnail Swimming Pool 224 Kb
Opened 1971.

Swimming Pool Outside View thumbnail Swimming Pool, outside view 161 Kb
Photo: Neil Alderman

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