Mary Hare History - Timeline

186503 November - Mary Adelaide Hare born.
1883Miss Mary Hare began her career as teacher of deaf children.
1916Miss Mary Hare founded Dene Hollow School for the Deaf, near Burgess Hill, West Sussex.
194505 November - Miss Mary Hare died.
194601 January - Dene Hollow School renamed as Mary Hare Grammar School, with Mr. Edgar Lewis Mundin appointed as Principal.
194722 September - Arlington Manor, near Newbury, Berkshire bought for 21,000.
194929 September - School moved to Arlington Manor. A large mansion, in addition to dormitories and commons rooms, contains the school administrative offices.
195006 April - Mr. Mundin died, accidently near Arlington Manor.
09 June  - Mr. Raymond Askew appointed as Principal.
195019 July  - School officially opened by HRH Princess Margaret.
1953Three classrooms extension from Manor opened. Opened by Lord Kilmaine in December 1953.
1957School wing and Dulverton Hall opened. A donation of 10,000 was received from the Lord Dulverton Trust to complete the Dulverton Hall, which is an assembly hall with stage and seating capacity of 200.
1962Mansell House, boarding house for boys, opened. Named after Chairman of the Governors, Mr. George B. Mansell, OBE, 1946-1965. He was also a chairman of the Committee of Trustees of Miss Mary Hare's will
196323 May Royal visit by HRH Princess Margaret, patron.
1967Caretaker’s House opened.
1968Howard House opened. Orginally built for staff accomodation, is now a mixed Year 7 boarding house. It was named after Alderman Sir Walter S. Howard for his long services on the Board of Governors 1948-1967.
197101 October - Royal visit by HRH Princess Margaret, and Swimming Pool opened.
1973Mr. Askew retired, and is succeeded by Mr. Kenneth Pearce.
1977Blount Hall, for dining, opened. A spacious dining room with capacity of 300 seats. Named after Mr. John H. Blount, who was on the Board of Governors for 32 years. It was refurbished in 1993 to allow cafeteria style service.
1985Whitfield Library opened. Named after Mr. T.D.W. Whitfield who was on the Board of Governors.
1987Mr. Pearce retired, and is succeeded by Dr. Ivan Tucker.
1989Flexford Science Block opened. Named after Flexford House School whose Trustees made a substantial donation towards the cost of the laboratories. Opened by John Butcher, School Minister.
1991Mary Hare Foundation established.
1995Wroughton Sixth Form Centre opened. Named after the Vice-President of Mary Hare School, Mr. P. Wroughton.
1996Mill Hall School acquired, moved to Newbury, and renamed Mary Hare Primary.
2001The Princess Margaret Art and Design Centre opened. Named after the school Patron, HRH Princess Margaret, who had visited the school six times.
2004Mr. Shaw becomes Principal, Dr. Tucker as Chief Executive.
200614 October - Arlington Arts Centre opened.
01 December  - Mary Hare Hearing Centre opened in Newbury.
200709 January - Royal visit by HRH The Countess of Wessex.