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Ofsted Reports

Sandra Wylie receives teaching award

Old Pupils
British Deaf Football
Kreb Dragonrider webmaster's hobby site
Lewis Training - Alison Lewis - disability awareness training
Ruth Montgomery classical flute
Tilak Ratnanather - assistant research professor, Johns Hopkins University, USA
Jane Atkinson photographer
Karim Fayed photographer
Boney's Mary Hare Diary - Martin William's login blog of his time at Mary Hare 1969-1976
Richard Cole - blog of his experience of Motor Neurone Disease

Mary Hare Deaf Blind Group

This group has been formed to act as a meeting place and information point for former pupils of the Mary Hare Grammar School (now known as Mary Hare Schools) who have a dual deaf and visual impairment disability.

Please feel free to share your past & current experiences, humorous and otherwise, of having a dual deaf and visual impairment disability, etc, as well as full details of any visual aids, services, weblinks to other groups and organisations, etc., that you have found particularly useful or not so useful, as this might be of great interest to others on this group with the same or similar condition.