Mary Hare History

A Guide to Speech Day Prizes

Dickson Memorial Prize - Awarded to the Head Girl
Jacqueline Dickson's (1946) mother donated the prize in memory of Jacqueline's father who died suddenly while she was at school. She was the first head girl to receive this prize in 1951.

Eichholz Memorial Prize - Awarded to the Head Boy
Dr. A. Eichholz was a HM Inspector of Schools before 1930 who encouraged formation of special schools for the deaf.

Chairman’s Prizes - Academic Achievement at A-level

Principal’s Prizes - Academic Achievement at O-level /GCSE

Margaret Caws Award for Art
She was the mother of two deaf pupils Rachel and Neal Caws.

McLellan Prize for Art
Colonel and Mrs McLellan donated the prize in 1953 - as their son Graham who was a pupil at MHGS, was good at Arts (woodcarving and sculpture) and the parents wanted to encourage pupils to take an interest in Arts. Graham's sister, Ann was also a pupil at MHGS, whose died at a road traffic accident near the school in 1956.

Phyllis M. Buckell Prize - Integration

Peter K. Hanton Memorial Prize - Engineering Drawing or Technology
He was the school architect.

Dr Mike Milne Cup - Achievement in Information Technology
Guest of Honour in 2002.

Amy Sayle Memorial Prize - Drama
She was on the board of MHGS Governors.

Whitton Religious Studies Prize - Religious Studies

Elizabeth Dyson Prizes - Progress and Achievement
She was a MHGS Governor.

Annie Fogden Prize - English (Advanced)
Annie (deaf) was Miss Mary hare's personal maid, and she resided at MHGS until her death in 1961.

Anne Mazey Prize for English - English at GCSE
She was a MHGS pupil who died in 1986.

Duffell Prizes - Effort and Progress
Named after Philip Duffell's (1980) family, and believed to donated a school prize.

S.K. Anderson Good Progress Prize - Effort and Progress

Pope Music Prizes - Music
Donated by the parents of Sarah Pope (1974) who was a member of the first school recorder trio/quartet, became Head Girl and went to Oxford University in 1981 to read Chemistry.

The Jim Wright Prize for Sport - Academic Achievement in Sport
He was a MHGS games teacher (1967-1999).

Kenneth Bayliss Prizes - Boys' P.E.
He was a MHGS pupil who died 1973.

Jack Askew Prize - Science
He was second Principal (1950-1973) who died in 1991.

Trevor Brooking Cup - Sports
He was ex-footballer and Guest of Honour in 2001.

Ann Robinson Award - Charity Work
She was a MHGS pupil who died in 2003.

Donnington Lodge Speech Endeavour Prizes - Good Speech
Miss Kathleen Williams (English and Speech teacher 1964 - 1970) and Miss Marie Jones (English and Speech teacher 1964 - 1972) donated 1000.00 for this prize as bequeathed in their Wills. Miss Williams was the head of Donnington Lodge Nursery School for Deaf Children and Miss Jones was the assistant. When the school was closed, they were offered posts at MHGS.