Speech Day Programme 2006
Mary Hare History

Speech Day 2006

Programme for Annual Speech Day, Friday 24 November 2006.

The Chairman of the Board of Governors will preside.

The Chairman and the Principal will deliver their presentation.

The Chairman will invite the Guest of Honour Mr. Richard Benyon to present the prizes and address the meeting.

Justine Durno, the Head Girl, will propose a vote of thanks to the Guest of Honour.

Andrew Large, the Head Boy, will propose a vote of thanks to the Chairman and the Governors.

The National Anthem.


ArtHamish Roberts
Business Studies GCSE Camilla Willis
Business Studies GNVQAlex Kemp
Design Technology:--
  Graphic ProductsElizabeth Burton
  Resistant MaterialsJonathan Rogers
EnglishHannah Douglas
FrenchSamuel Calder
GeographyPeter Marshfield
H.E. Child DevelopmentEmily Troddyn
HistoryAmelia Lewis
ICTMichael Barber
MathemathicsTamara Willis
Media StudiesNatasher Brewer
PhotographyAndrew Cochrane
PsychologyAliya Gulamani
Religious EducationJames Sorohan
  BiologyClare Halliday
  ChemistryAlex Simmons
Beth Simmons
  PhysicsThomas Rowley
Victor LudorumAdam McCormick
Victrix LudorumAlex Simmons
Duke of Edinburgh Certificate Kirsty Day
Thomas Giddens
Rebecca Rose Hood
Adam Watson

Dickson Memorial PrizePhilippa Merricks
Eichholz Memorial PrizeRyan Marshall
Chairman’s PrizeSamuel Calder
Aliya Gulamani
Principal’s PrizeLauren Austin
Adam Watson
Margaret Caws Prize (For Art)Thomas Giddens
McLellan Prize for ArtBilly Read
Prize for Outstanding
Contribution to Music/Dance
Alysha Allen
Francesca Roberts
Phyllis M Buckell PrizeJustine Durno
Lewis Martin
Emily Troddyn
Peter K. Hanton Memorial Prize Rajiv Chada
Dr Mike Milne CupAnuerin Barker Snook 
Amy Sayle Memorial Prize
James Arnold
Whitton Religious Studies PrizeAmelia Lewis
Elizabeth Dyson PrizePhilippa Merricks
Shari Noraiee
Annie Fogden PrizeLauren Austin
Adam Watson
Anne Mazey Prize for EnglishAliya Gulamani
Duffell Prize for EffortRoss Grant
Hamish Roberts
S.K. Anderson Good Progress PrizeNaomi Dauhoo
Victoria Wright
The Rose Fenney Service PrizeLouise Buglass
Rajiv Chada
Pope Music PrizeEmily Troddyn
Jim Wright PrizeDaniel Waller
Kenneth Bayliss PrizeGraeme Gray
Girls' Prize for Effort
and Progress in Games
Grace Leeznar
The Trevor Brooking CupAdam McCormick
Jack Askew Prize
(For Science)
Katie Bonné
Duke of Edinburgh Award PrizeKirsty Day
Donnington Lodge Speech
Endeavour Prizes
Anum Butt
Dominic MacNeill
Margaret Ann Robinson AwardAlex Simmons
Beth Simmons