Speech Day Programme 1997
Mary Hare History

Speech Day 1997

Programme for Annual Speech Day, Friday 21 November 1997.

The Chairman of the Board of Governors will preside and make an opening address.

The Chairman will ask the Principal to present his Report.

The Chairman will invite the Guest of Honour James Strachan to present the prizes and address the meeting.

Richard Sanderson, the Head Boy, will propose a vote of thanks to the Guest of Honour.

Elizabeth Jenkins, the Head Girl, will propose a vote of thanks to the Chairman and the Governors.

The Pupils will sing the Commemoration Hymn, followed by the National Anthem.

After the ceremony refreshments will be served in the Blount Hall.


ArtNicola HewishSabira Yameen
ScienceHeather Leam
Martin McLean
Sam Seaver
Krystle Carey
EnglishJames LoganBethan Stephens
MathsHeidi FitchOliver Eadsforth
FrenchSimon HandysideSabira Yameen
HistoryLisa TownsendBethan Stephens
GeographyMichael PenfoldKatherine Walker
Information TechnologyMartin McLeanBen Dobson
H.E. FoodJennifer Foster
H.E. TextilesKrystle Carey
H.E. Child DevelopmentRachel MacDonald
Business StudiesLee StickingsShana Grummitt
PhotographyTom Wilson
C.D.T.Michael Penfold
Religious EducationJodie Griffiths
MusicBryony BoothChristopher Hamann

Dickson Memorial PrizeFiona Ng
Eichholz Memorial PrizeLee Stickings
Chairman’s PrizesHeather Leam
Martin McLean
Sam Seaver
Lisa Townsend
Tom Wilson
Principal’s PrizeSamantha Denton
Michael Penfold
Margaret Caws Award (For Art)Tom Wilson
McLellan Prize for ArtOliver Harland
Peter K. Hanton Memorial Prize Bryan Moore
Amy Sayle Memorial Prize
Sophie Stone
Whitton Religious Studies PrizeKarthigan Sundaralingam 
Elizabeth Dyson PrizesGreg Beedie
Jordan Fenlon
Matthew Fenlon
Nicola Hewish
Katherine Roach
Chalk Lai Wan
Annie Fogden PrizeSophie Stone
Anne Mazey Prize for EnglishTom Wilson
Duffell Prizes for EffortKate Stephenson
Anthony Venus
S.K. Anderson Good Progress PrizesDavina Davies
Beth Sewell
Service PrizeHeather Leam
Pope Music PrizeRuth Montgomery
The Jim Wright Prize for SportBryan Moore
Kenneth Bayliss PrizeMartin Berridge
Girls' Prizes for Effort
and Progress in Games
Claire Davies
Sarah Gowdy
Jack Askew Prize
(For Science)
Yvette Eyo
Michael Penfold
Parents' Association Club PrizeTable Tennis Club
Donnington Lodge Speech
Endeavour Prizes
Christopher Harmann
Sabira Yameen
Alan Wright
Stuart Callan
Yasir Haniff
Chalk Lai Wan
Sarah Gowdy
Danny Lane