Speech Day Programme 1993
Mary Hare History

Speech Day 1993

Programme for Annual Speech Day, Friday 26 November 1993.

The Chairman of the Board of Governors will preside and make an opening address.

The Chairman will ask the Principal to present his Report for the year 1992-1993.

The Chairman will invite the Guest of Honour Sir Bryan Carsberg to present the prizes and address the meeting.

A Governor will propose a vote of thanks to the Guest of Honour.

Suzanne Clubley, the Head Girl, will propose a vote of thanks to the Chairman and the Governors.

The Pupils will sing the Commemoration Hymn, followed by the National Anthem.

After the ceremony refreshments will be served in the Blount Hall.


13 GCatriona Keetley
13 TWEmma Coleman
Jennifer Dodds
12 GASuzanne Clubley
12 LHannah Read
12 WMatthew Kirby
11 CCatherine Woolley
11 EWAilsa Flett
Steven Meacham
11 PJoanna Penfold
10 LOJames Martin
10 MJoseph Gwynne-Jones
10 BWColette Hogan
9 GMRichard Dougherty
9 FRKavita Sharma
9 SRJamie McAlley
8 CSDeborah Thom
8 OPPiers Kittel
8 CMGregory Piersenne
Louise Pitchers
7 LSMichael Penfold
7 OWKatherine Roach
7 TWJohn Wood

Dickson Memorial PrizeHeather Ferguson
Eichholz Memorial PrizeDavid Prince
Chairman’s PrizeCatriona Keetley
Principal’s PrizeKatie Hardman
S.K. Anderson Good Progress PrizeRichard Addison
Samantha Burgess 
Robert Rattray
Margaret Caws Award (For Art)Nigel Benbow
McLellan Prize for ArtCatherine Woolley
Phyllis M. Buckell PrizeDuncan Rowley
Peter K. Hanton Memorial Prize Melanie Wilkins
Amy Sayle Memorial Prize
Angela Spielsinger
Whitton Religious Studies PrizeHannah Worthley
Elizabeth Dyson PrizesSam Dore
Claire Leiper
Narain Nadarajah
Annie Fogden PrizeEmma Poynton
Anne Mazey Prize for EnglishSophie Trendall
Duffell Prizes for EffortSamantha Denton
Sophie Stone
Service PrizesHeather Ferguson
Melanie Pitts
Pope Music PrizesJordan Fenlon
Samantha Pitts
Drama PrizesMatthew Fenlon
Henry McDougall
Amy Noel
Kenneth Bayliss PrizesRichard Dougherty
Matthew Robak
Girls' Prizes for Effort
and Progress in Games
Danielle Gill
Sophie Stone
Jack Askew Perseverance
and Progress Prizes
Amy Noel
Andrew Stibbs
Estefania Walsh
Parents' Association Club PrizeChess Club
Donnington Lodge Speech Endeavour Prize Nicola Boorman
Samantha Denton
Charlotte New
Wesley Pope