Speech Day Programme 1992
Mary Hare History

Speech Day 1992

Programme for Annual Speech Day, Friday 20 November 1992.

The Chairman of the Board of Governors will preside and make an opening address.

The Chairman will ask the Principal to present his Report for the year 1991-1992.

The Chairman will invite the Guest of Honour The Bishop of Reading to present the prizes and address the meeting.

A Governor will propose a vote of thanks to the Guest of Honour.

Heather Ferguson, the Head Girl, will propose a vote of thanks to the Chairman and the Governors.

The Pupils will sing the Commemoration Hymn, followed by the National Anthem.

After the ceremony refreshments will be served in the Blount Hall.


6²TJoanna Atkinson
6²GGary Bodle
6²WJohn Austin
6¹GEstefania Walsh
6¹WNicholas Abbott
6¹LHeather Ferguson
11 MJonathan Ballinger
Alison Leach
11 WYSabina Chowdry
11 WSuzanne Clubley
Mark Eminowicz
10 CRHannah Worthley
10 IEMari Griffiths
10 PSNicola Boorman
9 GLRosemary Halson
9 OWBobby Rogers
9 RRAdetole Adenika
8 PMTom Wilson
8 CHJessica Wilde
8 FSKavita Gnanapragasm
7 SCMichelle Hall
7 SOLaura McQuillan
7 MGNicholas Cutajar

Dickson Memorial PrizeSandra Wood
Eichholz Memorial PrizeStephan Kodjie
Chairman’s PrizeLisa Jones
Principal’s PrizeNeal Caws
S.K. Anderson Good Progress PrizeSteven Mifsud
Samantha Pitts
Margaret Caws Award (For Art)Joanna Atkinson
McLellan Prize for ArtFiona Mitchell
Phyllis M. Buckell PrizeRachel Doidge-Harrison 
Peter K. Hanton Memorial Prize Steven Mifsud
Amy Sayle Memorial Prize
Nadia Nadarajah
Whitton Religious Studies PrizeCatherine Burgess
Elizabeth Dyson PrizesSally Reynolds
Matthew Smith
Annie Fogden PrizeClaire Leiper
Anne Mazey Prize for EnglishMelanie Wilkins
Duffell Prize for EffortNathan Ford
Service PrizesSamantha Burgess
Mark Eminowicz
Pope Music PrizesJamie McAlley
Melanie Pitts
Drama PrizesJustin Smith
Lee Stickings
Kenneth Bayliss PrizesMatthew Hearn
Paul Neal
Girls' Prizes for Effort
and Progress in Games
Rebecah Taylor
Colette Hogan
Perseverance and Progress PrizesAnthony Curtis
Sarah Gowdy
Parents' Association Club PrizeArchery

Donnington Lodge Speech Improvement Prizes

Year 7Nicholas Cutajar
Sarah Gillatt
Piers Kittel
Year 8Andrew Stibbs
Year 9Colette Hogan
Year 10 Sam Dore
Year 11Rachel Doidge-Harrison 
Form 6Wendy Callaghan
David Prince