Speech Day Programme 1984
Mary Hare History

Speech Day 1984

Programme for Annual Speech Day, Friday 23 November 1984.

The Chairman of the Board of Governors will preside and ask the Principal to present his Report for the year 1983-1984.

The Chairman will invite Nina Bawden to present prizes and address the meeting.

A Governor will propose a vote of thanks to the Guest of Honour.

Fiona Davis, the Head Girl, will propose a vote of thanks to the Chairman and the Governors.

The Pupils will sing the Commemoration Hymn, followed by the National Anthem.

After the ceremony the School, Mansell House, and the Manor House will be open for inspection by visitors.


Fiona Rosie
Rachel Peacock
6 XFiona Davis
5 HPenelope Broomfield
5 KMatthew James
5 RClaire Cummings
4 AMichelle Walters
4 WSonoo Pamani
4 GJoanna Wootten
3 PNorma McGilp
3 GAlison Wood
3 KJanet Millard
2 STamsin Wengraf-Hewitt
2 CAvril Hepner
2 WSamantha Penney
1 MAnna Meaden
1 HDonna Garcia
1 AJennifer Beech

Dickson Memorial PrizeAnnabelle Bolinbroke-Kent 
Eichholz Memorial PrizeMatthew Johnston
Chairman’s PrizeRichard Pearce
Principal’s PrizeIsabel Wright
S.K. Anderson Good Progress PrizeIlan Dwek
Social Service PrizeCatherine Green
Taliesin Prize (Bluebird)Joanna Wootten
Phyllis M. Buckell PrizesVictoria Nelson
Rachel Caws
Annie Fogden PrizeKerry Bate
Phillipa Rees
Peter K. Hanton Memorial Prizes Matthew James
Claire Cummings
Amy Sayle Memorial PrizeSarah Livermore
Whitton Scripture PrizeJohn Lewis
Elizabeth Dyson PrizesCaroline Porter
Lucy Harvey
Kenneth Bayliss PrizeIan Reynolds
McLellan Prize for ArtCharlotte Bailey
Newbury Amateur Dramatic Society Prizes David Woolley
Jonathan Harvey
Drama Prizes for Christmas PlayClare Allardyce
Damian Barry
Charlotte Moulton-Thomas
Richard Keen

Donnington Lodge Speech Improvement Prizes

Form 1Jackie Harrison
Form 2 Caroline Porter
Form 3Linda Cowan
Form 4Sonoo Pamani
Form 5Penelope Broomfield 
Form 6Rachel Peacock