Mary Hare History - Uniforms

Girl's Clothing List 1974

LIST 'A' (available only from school outfitters after admission)

1 school beret
1 school green raincoat
1 school blazer
2 school skirts, green
1 school scarf
2 school ties
2 summer skirts
2 summer blouses
2 school green pullovers or cardigans
2 games blouses
2 prs games stockings
1 games skirt
2 prs brown sandals (Clark's light coloured soles)
1 swim suit

LIST 'B' (To be provided by parents and brought to school on admission)

1 long sleeved overall (nylon* if desired)
4 prs three-quarter white socks
2 prs white ankle socks (games)
4 prs beige nylon* stretch three-quarter socks or tights or stockings
3 cotton vests
3 prs warm pyjamas
2 white cotton suspender belts (if required)
3 white cotton brassiers (if required)
1 warm afternoon frock
1 skirt and jumper (winter only)
2 cotton frocks (summer only)
1 jumper and jeans (weekend jobs)
3 prs dark green knickers
3 prs white (summer) knickers
4 white school blouses
2 prs brown shoes (1 lace-up 1 casual)
1 pr hockey boots
6 handkerchiefs (tissues available from school tuckshop)
1 warm dressing gown
1 pr bedroom slippers (not mules)
1 pr white gym shoes (white rubber soles)
1 pr wellingtons
4 bath towels (fast colour)
2 flannels and 1 toilet bag
1 toothbrush & toothpaste
1 large suitcase or trunk
1 medium suitcase
3 coat-hangers
CASH'S name tapes (6 dozen for use in school) Order as soon as possible
1 hairbrush and comb
1 manicure set
Mending equipment, needles, thread, buttons, elastic etc.


*nylon or any other man-made fibre
Seniors: 4 prs beige 30 denier nylon stretch tights or stockings.
Forms V and VI Science classes: 2 white laboratory coats
Prefects: grey skirts and a prefect's tie

Night attire should be functional rather than fashionable as fire
practices take place at night and often prove only too revealing.
Full length pyjamas and dressing gowns should be of warm materials
(e.g. brushed cotton) and flameproof or flame resistant where
possible. Warm well-fitting slippers are necessary; decorative mules
are quite ubsuitable and may be dangerous in an emergency.

1974 Iron-on name tapes are unsuitable as they wash off and fade.