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  • muckyknees -

    Photo cascade thingy sorted out yet?

    • Peter Mugridge -

      Imminent... we were about to do it a few months ago then Foxy got assaulted ( they know who did it ) and that put things back, then I had a browser failure on my main computer - Foxy is planning to finish sorting that out in two weeks from now, on the 8th February, then once I'm fully online again I'll be able to remotely access the files and do the tagging. In theory I should be able to do the whole lot in one long day; in practice we are likely to do it 50/50 in a co-ordinated attack. ( Before you ask... It needs Foxy to visit to re-install the browser because the security settings are so high - no .exe files may be downloaded - so he will need to come and lower some of them to allow the install then re-set them afterwards. )

  • joseph_fagan -

    Website not secure?

    • Peter Mugridge -

      If you mean it doesn't show https:// that's correct - Foxy is still working on sorting out the issues with the photo cascade problem and he needs to sort that before anything else ( he is actually working on it this week ). He tells me that as we don't carry out any financial transactions through either the website itself or the forum it is not a priority to get the https:// at this stage. The site is more secure than it looks; it runs entirely through his own servers which all have a very high level of protection on them.